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Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 4pm

Half a dozen thick cut french toast sticks with maple syrup, sweet and savory, just like you

Everything you need after last night, potato cakes atop mixed cheese, scrambled eggs, and pico, covered with Hideout sauce, along with two strips of bacon

As American as calling football “soccer”. Two eggs your way, two strips of crispy bacon, side of hash browns, three french toast sticks with maple syrup

Everyone has one, but our is better. Potato cakes, two eggs, mixed cheese, pico, with choice of bacon, Canadian bacon, or sausage. Served with salsa

Hideout Scramble

$ 4.50

It’s a hot mess, but so are you. Scrambled eggs, mixed cheese, choice of bacon, sausage, or Canadian bacon

Chicken and Waffles

$ 5.50

Name a better duo... chicken tenders atop a fluffy waffle with maple syrup... we’ll wait



$ 2.00


$ 1.50



$ 2.00

Bloody Mary

$ 3.00

On the Run?

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